Forming Opinions EP

by Pseudo Shark

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In our time together as Pseudo Shark (2 years this winter- how precious) a few people have asked us if we’re a Christian band. At first we weren’t really sure how to answer the question, and usually our response was “We’re all Christians, but we’re not a Christian band.” With this first release coming out, we wanted to take a minute to clarify how we identify ourselves. The reason we say we’re not a Christian band is that when we think of the term “Christian artist”, we think of praise and worship music, which isn’t a bad thing at all- we just don’t think it accurately describes our band. That being said, there’s no doubt that our faith influences the music we make, and we credit everything we do to God. Our views are reflected in our lyrics, but we also see the value in discussing worldly values, struggles, etc., and music can be a platform for that discussion- but that doesn't necessarily mean it's an endorsement.

Whether your views are similar to ours or totally different, or if you don’t care about any of this and you just think guitars are cool, we hope you can find something to enjoy on this EP. Recording it was a long but fun learning process and we couldn’t have done it without Ryan Oetting's sage advice and people skills, along with him generously letting us use his house and equipment. Kyle Allen was kind enough to mix and master it for us all the way over in California. You should check out his band Keyes, they make some tasty music.


released November 19, 2013

AARON PARKE // vocals, guitar
NOAH MOYERS // guitar

mixed & mastered by Kyle Allen
artwork by Ryan Oetting



all rights reserved


Pseudo Shark Jackson, Tennessee

Pseudo Shark, comprised of Aaron Parke, Noah Moyers, Jacob Hayes, and Kevin Morgan, formed in 2011 while the members studied at Union University. They began writing songs in their dorm rooms and, within a year, were performing full sets at local venues in Jackson and Memphis. Their first EP, Forming Opinions, was released on November 19, 2013. Their second release, Couches, came out a year later. ... more

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Track Name: Away
Shield those eyes
Forming opinions won’t
Protect you from what’s outside
Conflict rise
We won’t be hindered
We are triumphant when we romanticize

I wanna wash it away, wash it away, I’m over it
Watch it shimmer and swell whisper “Oh well”
Like ya can’t even tell, ya can’t even tell

I wanna see you bury it all
Track Name: Crowded Room
Step in, you’ve got something to do
But anybody’s brave from across a crowded room
Let down your front, you’ve got nothing to prove
To them
You won’t let this slide, ‘cause you miss the black and blue
Your brothers in the field, everything that you went through
It was in my sight
Crept up from behind

Is it really under control?
‘Cause you seem to have let go
And have you really made up your mind?
‘Cause I see you looking skyward all the time

So yes I’m panting but I really had to tell you what I
Just saw
It took me up and spun me round and hung me from the roof and
Dropped my jaw
It was all new, it was all new
It was all new and all of this is hitting me at once
Track Name: Renewal
Just passing through on the way
Evening is fading into day
Just passing through
Evening is fading into day

And these blinking lights
Fill the sides of my sight
Tattooed, tattooed

Breathe easy this evening,
Floating and flawed through the fog
Tattooed, tattooed
Breathe easy this evening
Track Name: Saturday Song
Come over love, this weekend
You’ll be over me but not in

‘Cause clarity is rare for me
When the reasoning for is the same as against

Come over love, we’ll pretend
That all the things we love are not sin

Don’t wake to me or my bigotry
When the reasoning for is the same as against
‘Cause clarity is rare for me
When the reasoning for is the same as against
Tell all my friends I tore it up